We need to pass on this great gift of fishing to our children and hope they do the same to theirs.  Fishing is becoming a lost art.  Peoples hectic lives are more and more forcing them to live in the shadows and missing out on this great, relaxing , therapeutic past time.  I however refuse to let that happen and I also want my daughter to ALWAYS cherish her time on the water.

  These pictures are of my Junior fisherman daughter Bryn.  She loves every second of fishing. 

  Your child loves to fish but you dont have the time or tools.  Get ahold of us.  He/She has never been out on a boat and done some fishing.  We can take care of that too.  Life Jackets on board for all ages.  Being a parent myself, your child will be well taken care of and have a GREAT time.

That a girl ! 

We'll see you on the lake ! 

Chillin in the ice shack 

She has a hang of this fishing thing.  Nice little bluegill she caught on a worm that she rigged up all by herself. 

Holdin it like a pro 

I better watch it.  Almost 6 years old and has her first Largemouth.  I did'nt get my first Largemouth until I was 29.