THOMPSON Terex Tourney

Myself, Troy, and Lance were able to tie down second place in a walleye tournament on Lake Thompson in SE SD.  There were 26 teams of witch, only 6 teams were able to catch qualifying walleye.

1st place was 1 walleye at 7.81 pounds

2nd place was 1 walleye at 5.68 pounds (Lance caught it, Green spinner with a crawler)

3rd place was 1 walleye at 1.28 pounds 


I am currently in talks with some people about getting an annual NE SD bass tournament started.  I will keep everyone updated as developement arise. 



Looks as if we will be having the tournament next summer.  We just will not have the time to get it together this year.  So next year around the end of July or early August.  I will keep posting updates as I know them.

Manufactures Tourney

Was not a vary good outing for TEAM OUTFISH.  It was held on Lake Kampeska on Saturday August 1st.  We managed to only catch 1 14 1/4 inch walleye to weigh in.  The weight was .735 pounds.  Needless to say we didnt get into the money.  But hey it was fun. 

 9/5/2009  The fishing seems to be picking up very well.  Good reports are coming out of most of the lakes in the Northeast area.

Horseshoe has been good for Walleye and Smallmouth

Enemy has slowed for Bass but Bluegills and some perch with a crappie or two are being caught

Waubay is still staying consistent

Swan is giving up limits of Walleye

Opitz, Lynn, Reed all seem to be having good reports as well.

  Its going to be a good fall for fishing I think.  All in all it has been a great year. 

 9/9/2009.  Seems I found some schooling, hungry Perch over the weekend.  Does this mean we are going to have an early winter?  Guess we will have to wait and see.

9/20/2209.  The perch bite still seems to be consistent in the area.  Some even have eggs in them.  Got into some quality walleye as well over the weekend.  Been hearing that most lakes are staying consistent.  Fall fishing, here we come. 

4/8/2010  Looks like there are more issues in Day County about lake accesses.  Horseshoe Lake in Day County, North East South Dakota has no public access.  This is not the first time this has happened in this area.  Horseshoe is a lake managed by the SDGFP.  Apparently a resident of the area had placed a gate across the access.  The residents of this area seem to believe they are above the law.  We need the SDGFP to stand up for our rights as fishemen and stop these kind of things from happening.  We all pay for our licenses and expect to be able to fish public waters.  Please contact the SDGFP ( link can be found under the links page on this site ) and voice your opinion on this matter.  Lets not let another great fishing hole be taken from us.

 4/19/2010  SDGFP has notified me, and others, that the access to horseshoe has been opened back up.  Walleye fishing seems to be doing really well in the area.  Gonna be a good year for fishing.

5/8/2010  Well we are in works on getting a NE SD Bass fishing tournament going.  If anyone is interested PLEASE contact me at 

5/22/2010  Well Thursday and Friday of this week turned out to pretty good for the ole Bass.  Met some fellow bass fisherman from Nebraska and we exchanged some strategies and how too's.  Then come Saturday morning and mother nature had to rear her ugly head.  Most everyone headed for home early because it didnt look as if it was going to get better.  

  Water temp on Enemy Swim lake and in most of the lakes in the North East area seemed to be 58-60 (surface temp)  Water levels were higher than last which is to be expected.  Time to prepare and plan for the next trip. 

  Largemouth were a little slow but did manage to get a good number of them.  The Smallies were fast and furious.  Didnt hear a whole lot about walleyes so I am assuming they are slowing a bit. 

5/24/2010  Did very well for Smallmouth on Kampeska yesterday.  As most of the fish in that lake a majority of them were small (8-12 inches).  As anyone know that fishes that lake...your better off approaching it looking for quantity and not quality.  As always the Silver Bass were hot. 

5/27/2010  I was fortunate enough to land 4 South Dakota Trophy Smallmouth Bass yesterday on one of my outings.  3lb 5oz, 3lb 14oz, 3lb 8oz and a 3lb 6oz.  Caught 8-10 fish all together.  Used a couple different methods as well.  Rigged craws, Wacky Worm, and top water popper.  It was a good day of fishing.  Like they say though....A bad day of fishing beats a good day of work any day. 

6/3/2010  Caught a couple of nice walleye last night.  Had to weed though all the northerns though :(  

  Looks like we are going to try for the 24th of July for the Bass fishing tourney on Enemy Swim Lake in NE SD.



WHERE : Enemy Swim
When : July 24th
Time : 7am- 2pm
  2 man team.  $40.00 entry per team.  $35.00 going to the purse $5.00 going to the                       BIG BASS side pot.  100% payback !!!!!!!  25 team MAX !!!!!

25 teams
1st- $350.00
4th-10th $40.00

      15 teams or less pays 1st through 3rd only.
      1st- 56%  (.563636) of the purse
      2nd- 33%  (.3272727) of the purse
      3rd- 11%  (.1090909) of the purse

Full tourney (25 teams) is $1000.00 guarantee purse.    There is a $50.00 BIG BASS
(by weight) bonus for the biggest bass caught.  Call (605) 520-4770 to register and
ask for Randy.

For camping reservation call Lake Country Camp at
to make reservations or to ask about rates !!!

Door prizes and tournament sponsored by the following businesses :

Leddog's Lunkers
Lake Country Camp
Cowboy Bait and Ammo
Dano's Marine
Proud Angler
Runnings Farm and Fleet

8/6/2010-   Seems as if fishing is getting a little tough as of late.  With all of this warm weather in the area it seems as if the lakes are becoming over populated with recreational watercraft.  As a fisherman I am sure most of you agree, that if people are so interested in what us fisherman are doing that they need to drive so close to our boats, then why dont they get a pole of there own and try it for themselves.  We all know that fish hold to certain structure and if we want to have much luck at all we need to fish that structure religiously.  Which makes it even more frustrating when 30 jet skis feel the urge to also rip around that area too.  I mean how hard it it to use the othe 1000 acres of the lake that dont have fisherman fishing that area.  The amount of respect that "MOST" PWC operators have for fisherman is rediculous.  I would sure be nice if the GFP could think of better guidlines for these people to follow.

  That being said Aug 7 is the annual Manufacture's Tournament on Lake Kampeska.  It will be sure to be a challenge because that lake is one of the most over populated PWC lakes in South Dakota and again 90% of them have zero respect for the fisherman.  I sure hope some year soon they decide to have this tourney on a different lake.

5/12/2011-  Well winter was a pretty slow one for me...didn't get on the ice once....however this spring has turned out to be very good for fishing.  When the water started to warm it warmed has been good :)  See ya on the lake !!!!!!!

8/8/2011-  Been a very good season for Walleyes and Smallmouth.  Have landed many Trophy sized smallies and good limits of walleyes.   All of my fishing friends have reported the same.  I have noticed that the Largemouth seem to be tough to come by.  I have landed a few but all have been in the 2-3 pound range.  However the smallmouth as I have said earlier have been furious, biting and fighting hard.  Hope the season stays active for the remainder of our nice weather.